The Energywise History

The Energywise concept was first employed in the 1970’s, when a group of engineers took space age designs and applied them to residential and commercial buildings…energy efficiency was born.

In 2006, after spending two years in the construction field providing subcontracted services, Scott Van Kerkhove and Jennifer Van Kerkhove partnered with the founders of the original Energywise concept. This alliance resulted in the formation of a multi-company group that held an exclusive sales and marketing agreement with Bayer Material Science, distributing polyurethane insulation and roofing products to a national network of insulation and roofing contractors.

As a result of Scott’s and Jennifer’s visions for sustainability, the future of commercial energy efficiency, and the adoption of new technologies, additional product lines were added to the fold, including geothermal HVAC systems, building control systems, and commercial LED lighting systems. Energywsie Soultions was born!

Over a decade and thousands of successful projects later, Energywise Solutions is fully entrenched as the End-to-End leader in the energy efficient lighting and building controls field, combining its’ products and services to help commercial, government and non-profit organizations make the move toward energy efficiency in buildings and reap the benefits of utility savings that significantly impact their bottom line.

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