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Energy Wise is your one-stop solution when seeking decorative commercial outdoor lighting fixtures. The outdoor lighting comes as a mandatory aspect for individuals owning businesses and public spaces. Outdoor lighting not only illuminates the entire area but ensures safety as well which is a major plus point.

These lights are specifically made to provide sufficient lighting to a larger area such as garages, sports areas, campuses, parking lots, and more. These lights are specifically implemented in the day and night where the bright light is required.

The outdoor lighting comes in a different variant that enhances the entire aura of the location such as decorative outdoor lighting. But, the ones that gained more popularity over time are the LED lights.

The LED lights gained a reputation because they are energy-efficient and lower the amount of energy consumption when compared to traditional lighting systems.

In addition, the LED lights provide 50,000 to 100,000 hours of uniform light making them durable and usable even after a longer period. And hence, they save money.

Here are the different types of outdoor commercial building lighting fixtures:

1) Pole-Mounted Lighting

As the name suggests, pole-mounted lighting is installed on the poles such as parks, parking lots, underpasses, streets, and other public spaces. This lighting has different types of distributions such as type III, type IV, and type V.

It is suitable for decorative purposes as its color temperature ranges between 3000k to 5000k.

2) Wall Packs

Wall packs do not require poles to be installed. Instead, they can directly be placed on the wall or vertical surface and come into use. These are suited for areas with heavy crowds and vehicular movements.

Moreover, these lights incorporate shatter-resistance glass that safeguards the fixture from harsh surroundings and climate situations.

3) Floodlights

Floodlights beam can be projected on the desired object while its base can be adjusted accordingly. The LED floodlights are utilized for illuminating the landscape and adding an extra layer of security.

4) Linear Lighting

These lights are narrower, enlarged and are used in multistory parking areas. These are made of hermetic material that secures them from dust, insects, and water splashes or moistures.

5) Canopy Lighting

These lightings are used in drive-throughs in restaurants, banks, gas stations, etc., and are installed underneath the outdoor canopies. These are not affected by rain and resistant to vibrations and hence, are convenient to use outdoors.

Before looking for an outdoor lighting contractor, one must understand the fundamental necessity of the lighting for their infrastructure so there is no room for uncertainty.

With Energy Wise Solutions, the customer gets a comprehensive selection of commercial LED lights and building control systems as well. We ensure to provide the most suitable lighting solutions to their customers. While seeking commercial outdoor lighting contractors, consider approaching our advanced and effective services for a better experience.

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