Enerywise Solutions Team Scott

Scott Van Kerkhove

Scott is a veteran of the U.S. Navy, having served in the Gulf War in 1991. His professional background spans the past 17 years in the construction industry working to promote energy efficiency in buildings. He is the co-founder of Energywise Solutions, LLC, the nation’s most complete energy efficient LED lighting and building controls design, specification and supply firm. Scott has built a multi-dimensional and international team of professionals to take Energywise Solution from its inception to market leader. 

Scott’s professional background and experience include business development, marketing, finance, systems design and operations. Prior to his work in the construction industry, he spent 17 years in managerial and executive management positions in healthcare facilities across the U.S. 

Scott holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Southern Illinois University. He is a husband, a father of 3, a bourbon and wine enthusiast, and enjoys a rigorous exercise and nutritional regimen to be fit for life.

Enerywise Solutions Team Jennifer

Jennifer Van Kerkhove
Vice President – Operations

Jennifer is the co-founder and VP of Operations at Energywise Solutions, LLC. She has spent the past 25 years in managerial and executive management roles in operations, mostly serving the construction and mortgage industries. 

She is a LEED AP and a Certified RESNET HERS rater that has been the lead consultant for projects that include LEED for Schools, the State of Louisiana HERO program, and the USDA-REAP Grants and Loans program. 

At Energywise Solutions, Jennifer utilizes her experience in construction, knowledge of building science and passion for energy efficiency in buildings to help her clients achieve their financial and sustainability goals.

Jennifer holds a Bachelor’s Degree from Louisiana State University. She is a wife, a mother of 3, and an avid fitness buff who loves staying in shape with Orange Theory Fitness.

Enerywise Solutions Team Ajeet

Ajeet – IT

Enerywise Solutions Team Arman

Arman – Data Processing

Enerywise Solutions Team Denis

Denis – Marketing

Enerywise Solutions Team Ferenc

Ferenc – Engineering

Enerywise Solutions Team Karen

Karen – Customer Service

Enerywise Solutions Team Karla

Karla – Marketing

Enerywise Solutions Team Rob

Rob – Web Design

Enerywise Solutions Team Tetiana

Tetiana – Engineering


Trushant – Data Processing

Enerywise Solutions Team Veronica

Veronica – Design

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