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Looking for a landscape lighting contract is considered an effective approach while exploring the proper landscape lighting for your place. Energy Wise Solutions, one of the best landscape lighting contractors in the USA, provides customized LED lighting and smart building control solutions to its customers.

Energy Wise Solutions offers a huge variety of landscape lighting solutions that are built to last. The landscape lights are used to illuminate the outside area such as walkaways, parks, gardens, college campuses, malls, and other public places.

Such areas are the center of attraction and to ensure they have proper lighting after dusk, landscape lighting must be considered while designing the area. These commercial landscape lighting fixtures not only adorn the places but beef up the security as well.

The commercial landscape lighting adds an ambiance to the surroundings. Not only that, they ensure the place feels safe, functional, and useful. These landscape lighting come in different styles and can be custom-finished with the RAL color of the user’s choice.

Here are some of the basic types of lighting fixtures you can consider while picking the right fit for your landscape:

1) Floodlights

Floodlights can emit a larger amount of light and hence, are used to illuminate larger outside coverings. These fixtures spread a wider beam of light that goes up to 120 degrees and covers a larger area.

These are typically suited for the streets, driveways, gardens, and to spotlight the property entrances.

2) Inground lights

Inground lights are usually circle-shaped fixtures that are used to brighten the walkways and driveways. These are installed in the ground directly and can enrich the features of your yard. It creates a dramatic and artistic atmosphere with its uplight effect onto the trees and sculptures while making them more visible in the dark.

These fixtures work best with the spotlights if one can blend them. However, automatic uplighting is a better lighting solution.

Since, ingrounds are present in the ground, focusing on prominent structures like trees and garden walls can make an impact. Do not be concerned about the short gnomes and flowerbeds.

3) Bollard lights

Bollard lights are the go-to lights for illuminating the parking lots, boardwalks, walkways, entrances, gardens, and more. This lighting fixture is generally used for commercial and residential areas for proper and effective lighting in the surroundings.

Bollard lights are most commonly available in round and square shapes but the same can be found in different shapes as well.

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