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Commercial electric lights offer various types such as LED lamps, downlights, and others. Their major hallmark is their great pricing and quality for commercial and residential lighting products.

The recessed light is an appropriate choice for commercial office lighting fixtures as they illuminate the area to a great extent. They are placed underneath the plain ceiling that gives them a better finishing.

It modernizes the entire look of the place while creating a suitable balance of the lighting around the workspace. Moreover, cutting on the costs is also possible with the LED recessed lights. These lights are energy-efficient and can last longer than the usual ones.

Similarly, there are other light fixtures as well that are being adopted and those are:

1) Tubular fluorescent light fixtures

Like recessed lights, tubular fluorescent lights are also installed in the ceilings but are covered with a frosted lens. It usually possesses one to four bulbs however it depends on the amount of light required in a workspace.

Tubular fluorescent light fixtures are considered as one of the most energy-saving and longer-lasting.

2) T5 fluorescent light fixtures

T5 fluorescent lighting is suitable for places with higher ceilings and is usually considered one of the best for commercial lighting design as they require minimum maintenance and live longer.

3) Led light fixtures

LED lights are believed to have a longer operation life and consume less power. Hence, they are widely adopted by consumers globally.

EnergyWise offers commercial electric light fixtures and provides a set of exquisite services to its customers. The services provided are reliable and effective as we have been in the industry for more than a decade now and have worked with new-age technology as well. We provide custom products as well and both the indoor and the commercial outdoor LED  light fixtures.

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